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About Ride to the Magic

"It started with a Dad, a van, and a dream...."

ride to the magic

A Little About Me :)

Hello! My name is Adam Womack, and I am the owner and operator of Ride to the Magic!

In March 2021 we moved to the Orlando area to be closer to family and I started working as a ride-share driver. I quickly noticed a need for safe and reliable transportation to the theme parks and other destinations in the central Florida area. My wife, Amy, and I also became travel advisors, helping people to plan their family vacations. In doing this we recognized that having more affordable options for transportation was greatly needed for visitors to our area. We combined this knowledge plus my driving experience to create Ride to the Magic! My mission is to help you get to and from your family vacation safely and comfortably in a fun and friendly way!

I am originally from Tennessee, which explains a lot of my southern hospitality! I LOVE going to the theme parks! My family has a long history with Disney as well. My grandfather was on the construction crew for Magic Kingdom and most of my other relatives have worked at Disney World in different capacities. Needless to say, Disney holds a special place in my heart. I am also an avid Harry Potter fan and love thrill rides, so Universal is amazing as well! I enjoy giving helpful tips to riders on how to best navigate the parks, especially those who are visiting them for the first time. 

ride to the magic

Testimonials and Reviews

Happy You, Happy Us!

Dana V. -                               "Great ride from Universal to Disney World, and then from Disney to the airport. Super-friendly                                                                       and knowledgeable driver! Clean and comfy van. My new GO TO Orlando transfer!"

Jana S.  -                                            "We escort youth groups to the Orlando theme parks and had a student leave their phone on an airport                                                         shuttle bus, and of course we didn't notice until almost an hour after the bus left. Ride to the Magic                                                               came to the rescue and drove all the way to an industrial area to retrieve the phone while we stayed                                                           on property. He brought the phone to us with a smile! Thank you for saving the day for not only the                                                             student, but making it easy for me as well!"

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